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Voices of Advance Care Planning Video

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Honoring Choices: Health & Faith in MN

Communities around Minnesota are talking about end-of-life issues. From St. Cloud to Frogtown, and Hibbing to Coon Rapids, faith groups and healthcare professionals are working together to explore the new realities of illness, dying and the changing face of rituals.

Honoring Choices: Giving Thanks

Jearlyn and Jevetta Steele share why Thanksgiving is their preferred time to give the gift of a conversation with family and loved ones about end-of-life choices; why those close to you are your best advance care directive; and, why it's important to participate in our healthcare decisions.

Honoring Choices: Family Frictions

The death of a loved one is rarely easy. On top of sadness and grief, it's a time when family frictions, both old and new, can come to life with a vengeance.

Honoring Choices: Health Choices and The Law

There are many decisions during end-of-life planning that involve legal paperwork. How can it be easier?

Honoring Choices: At the End of Life

How do we make end of life choices? Meet families who are or have faced medical uncertainty and what they've learned along the way.

End-of-Life Choices: Through History

In the United States, less than a hundred years ago, most people died and had their funeral at home. Today some people are looking to go back to those times. Others incorporate rituals from their home country in their Minnesota funeral.

Honoring Choices: Medical Care

Medical care in the United States has changed faster than we realize. Decisions we're making today were not even possible as little as 30 years ago. See why doctors now ask us to make decisions about end-of-life that seem impossible to answer.

End-of-Life Planning: Family Stories

Community members and medical experts discuss the importance of talking with your family about end of life health care choices.

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