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We encourage you to take advantage of having loved ones gathered at the holidays to
Carve Out Time for the Conversation!

Turkey Icon 2014The holidays are a perfect time to start talking with your friends and family members.  When people are together, focused on relationships, gratitude, and love it's an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and heartfelt sharing about what matters most.

First, watch a video together
You can also watch the televised airings on TPT on Thanksgiving Day!

Then, ask questions, such as:

1. What really makes life worth living?
2. What memories do you have of people in your life "living right up until the end"?
3. When you think of the future, who will be important in your life?
4. What do you want to be sure your caregivers know about you?
5. If you could no longer communicate, what messages do you want to still be heard?

You may also want to use a list of healthcare-focused values to help you start talking (download a printable version here)

It's important to me that I …..

  • Have my loved ones around me
  • Live as long as possible, regardless of quality of life
  • Stay independent
  • Prepare my family so there are no arguments, or uncertainty about my wishes
  • Am pain-free, even if it makes me sleepy
  • Stay mentally alert
  • Am given every medical opportunity for improvement
  • Am kept clean and comfortable
  • Avoid being dependent on others for daily needs (help with dressing, bathroom, etc)
  • Have members of my faith community praying for me
  • Can leave money to my family, to charity, or to other designated recipients
  • Am not connected to machines which keep my body alive if my mind is gone
  • Live my final days at home
  • Not be short-of-breath



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