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There are many excellent online resources available to learn more about Advance Care Planning (ACP)


Books   Articles   Websites
Being Mortal
  by Atul Gawande

           Planning for the Inevitable            The Conversation Project
The Conversation
  by Angelo Volandes

  Honoring Choices: Difficult Decisions   Minnesota Network of Hospice and Palliative Care
We Know How This Ends
  by Bruce Kramer and Cathy Wurzer
      It Matters How People Speak       National Healthcare Decisions Day
When Breath Becomes Air
  by Paul Kalanithi

  To Treat or Not To Treat   The Convenings
Having Your Own Say
  edited by Bernard Hammes

  Two Words Most Doctors Avoid   Respecting Choices
The Gray Zone
  by Deborah Day Laxson

   Dying in America 
  Institute of Medicine 2014
  Healthcare Directives for Every State
        Act on Alzheimer's
Working with LGBT Clients

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TED Talks and Other Videos    
BJ Miller: What Really Matters as the End of Life
  Paul & Lucy Kalanithi: When Breath Becomes Air   Honoring Choices Minnesota Video Clips and Documentaries (YouTube Channel)
Judy M Johnston: Prepare for a Good End of Life
  Tom Brokaw: What I Want at the End of Life   National Healthcare Decisions Day: IMAGINE
Ellen Goodman: The Conversation Project
  ZDoggMD: Ain't the Way to Die   National Healthcare Decisions Day: Begin the Conversation
Timothy Ihrig: What We Can Do to Die Well
  Michael Barton, MD: Take the Time to Get it Right   Honoring Choices Wisconsin: Have the Conversation




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