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Honoring Choices Minnesota's biggest strength is in the power of collaboration.  Originally built as a coalition of health care partners, HCM now enjoys connections with community groups, individual volunteers, government and public agencies, businesses, other states, and more  --  and the list keeps growing!

We welcome your interest!  Please follow the appropriate link based on your interest.  If your interest doesn't fit into one of these boxes, please email us to explain your situation and we can work together to find the best way to connect.

    Minnesota Healthcare Partners    
             A listing of Minnesota resources to get assistance with ACP from healthcare sites,
and information to join our in-state network.

    Minnesota Community and Business Partners     
        Other Minnesota companies and groups which offer ACP for employees or members, and information on how to become connected.


  Current National Partners 
        Honoring Choices is connected to ACP Programs in several other states. 
Click to see if your
state is part of our network.

    Prospective National Partners   
        Are you interested in learning more about developing a state-wide ACP initiative
part of the Honoring Choices network?



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