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Are you ready to get started with your own Advance Care Planning?  Terrific! 

There are 4 basic steps, and we can help you with each one.

        Tools and
1       Start thinking about your goals and values related to healthcare and quality of life.  You might want to watch some videos to help you start, or download a list of healthcare-focused value statements

2   Talk with family, friends, and others who might be involved in your life and healthcare in the future.  Select your Agent - the person you want to legally name to make decisions for you when you can't.  

3   Write down your wishes, choices, and preferences in a health care directive.  As you write your wishes, you may find it helpful to talk with others such as your primary health care provider, your spiritual leader, family members, or others who advise you. 

4   Keep the original yourself.  Then, share copies with others.  When you share, be sure to take time to talk through the directive to make sure your wishes are understood.   You will want to give copies to:

     -  Your Agent
     -  Other close loved ones who will likely be involved
     -  Your health care provider (doctor's office and local hospital)
     -  Bring a copy with you when you travel



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