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Honoring Choices is always interested in events designed to increase awareness of Advance Care Planning (ACP). Speakers are available at no cost to share what ACP is, why it is important, and how to begin.  Email us to schedule your event now(Note: availability may vary by location)

These events can take place in any public place – at a professional meeting site, a library, your workplace, community center or other venue. Led by trained Honoring Choices volunteers, individuals of all ages and backgrounds can learn and discuss together. Audience members learn how to begin the conversation, what to consider in choosing a health care agent (also sometimes referred to as an advocate, surrogate, or proxy), how to complete a health care directive, and much more!

Honoring Choices offers:

ACP101      A 30-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers to help people learn the basics about what ACP is and how to begin.  We provide informational handouts and blank copies of health care directives to let people start the ACP process.  We also share information about where and how to get additional assistance if needed.   communityed
ACP102   Sometimes one session just isn't enough.  ACP 102 is a follow-up to ACP 101, and is led by certified ACP Facilitators who can take the discussion to a deeper level, or meet with people one-on-one to guide them through the specifics of completing a health care directive.  Usually 30-90 minutes; arranged based on group specifics.  
ACP4HealthCare   This talk is given by health care professionals and contains more clinical information about how and why health care providers should talk with their patients and clients about ACP.  Perfect for an inservice or lunch-and-learn, the exact agenda will be determined to fit the needs of your situation.    
Facilitation   Many health care providers offer this service free of charge, but if yours does not, Honoring Choices has a crew of certified ACP Facilitators who will meet with you and your loved ones to walk you through the process of completing your health care directive.
Conferences   We love to host a table offering information and informal conversations with your attendees.  

To learn more about organizing or hosting an Honoring Choices group event, please email us today
(Note: availability may vary by location)


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